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Deep in the Medieval backlands of Lazio

Castelli Romani's Medieval Villages Half-Day Trip from Rome

Day Trips & Excursions

Tour the medieval villages outside Rome on an afternoon excursion to the Castelli Romani region. You'll take a relaxing drive through the beautiful countryside surrounding the busy capital, see views of the Pope's summer residence of Castelgandolfo and enjoy a wine tasting at famous Frascati.

On your afternoon jaunt from Rome, you'll travel past the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla before taking the ancient Appian Way past the Chapel of Domine Quo Vadis. Along the way you'll pass the famous Castelli Romani village of Castelgandolfo, the Pope's summer residence.

Other villages you'll pass en route include Rocca di Papa and Grottaferrata, noted for their culture and gastronomic delicacies. The last stop on your afternoon excursion from Rome is a wine tasting at beautiful Frascati.

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The famous Porchetta of Ariccia

La Porchetta di Ariccia

What an invention is the Porchetta!!
Too many times I felt bad eating it until the exhaustion and anytime I can, I like to eat it.

The porchetta is a rite, a tradition, a special custom here, everyone loves Porchetta in Rome. I have some friends around the world, Japanese (he is a chef), Thai, Australian, German, Argentine when they come to visit me in Rome I always let them taste the Porchetta, they love it, so far I have never seen one didn't like this dish, also a vegetarian might change mind trust me.

Porchetta is a typical dish of the Center of Italy of millenary tradition, it consists of a whole pig, emptied and seasoned inside with salt, pepper, aromatic herbs and roasted in wood oven.
The Porchetta is eaten cut into slices as a main course or in sandwiches.

The origin of this delicious dish is attributed to Ariccia, a small town located on the Via Appia to 16 miles from Rome. If you have enough time in Rome I recommend to spend a dinner time here.
Ariccia for the people of Lazio is very famous for the "fraschette". It is a typical inn with simple furnishings, casks of wine, rough tables, typical equipment for the production of wine on the walls. Here you can taste as well as an excellent Porchetta other typical products come from the tradition of Lazio, salumi, fresh or seasoned cheese, olives, mushrooms in oil, pickles etc.. all served with fresh and authentic handcrafted wine.

Frascette are frequented a lot by the Romans during the weekend, everyone like to come here to enjoy a genuine dinner in mirth.

To get to Ariccia there is a train from Termini central station or better take Metro A until Anagnina and then a bus, with 30 minutes throughout you will be there. If you are really concerned to go to Ariccia let me know, I will suggest some Fraschette reallly good. Also in Rome if you good look around there are many shops selling Porchetta, but beware!
A good original Porchetta is an exclusive of a few.

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