Room Minerva

Large, bright room. On request can be double or twin, with possibility of an extra bed.

  • Sitting area with table and two chairs
  • Large, bright windows
  • Bench, wardrobe
  • Private bathroom with shower, hairdryer
  • LCD TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini-fridge
  • Safe
  • Free wi-fi
  • The room can communicate with the room Vesta, ideal for families.


Goddess of wisdom

Minerva, Roman goddess of war and wisdom, she was much loved by the ancient Romans. Minerva was the patroness of all the intellectual activities and many arts such as music, of which she is considered the inventor in some versions of the Roman mythology. She was often associated with animals such as owls. The myth has it that Minerva was fitted with armor and shield out, directly from the head of Zeus, who was suffering from a bad headache before the goddess came out. Minerva is usually depicted with shield, spear and helmet. In addition to the presence of a statue of Minerva at the Vatican Museum in Rome, there is also a "Piazza della Minerva," which owes its name to the probable existence of a temple in honor of the goddess erected by Pompeo.