Room Vesta

The room, on request double or twin room, still shows glimpses of ancient walls visible from the restructuring and wooden details.

  • Sitting area with table and two chairs
  • Large, bright windows
  • Bench, wardrobe
  • Private bathroom with shower, hairdryer
  • LCD TV
  • Safe
  • Mini-fridge
  • Air conditioning
  • The room can communicate to Minerva's room, ideal for families.


Goddess of the heart, home and family

Vesta was, in Roman mythology, the goddess of the hearth,home and family which is why her cult was especially practiced by the ancient Romans. Famous are in fact, the priestesses, called "vestal virgins", who honored the goddess, and protected her temple, preventing the sacred fire of Vesta to ever extinguish. The goddess is often depicted while wearing a long stole and holding a stick, that became her symbol. At the Roman Forum you can see some statues of the vestal virgins, because, right there, at the Roman Forum, was once a temple of Vesta.